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Teeth Whitening


Now offering Kör, the most advanced whitening system available! The Kör Whitening system is the first and only whitening system to be effective on super-resistant stains, like tetracycline and fluorosis! 




Coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, soft drinks, sugary foods, sticky foods, crunchy things, and even foods that are good for other body parts like blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates. Tooth darkening can result from the use of certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medications. If you've been hit in the mouth, your tooth may change color because it reacts to an injury by laying down more dentin (a darker layer under the enamel). The culprits are at every corner, just waiting to snuff out your sparkle. Your allies - toothbrush, floss, fluoride, mouth wash, vitamin-rich foods - stand strong against these bullies, but they can't do it alone!

Teeth whitening is safe, quick, and inexpensive, but a dental exam and x-rays should be done before any whitening procedure, regardless of whether you use an at-home whitening kit or have the procedure done professionally in the office so that your dentist can ensure that you are a good candidate for this procedure. You can lighten just your upper teeth or both the upper and lower, but fillings and crowns do not whiten, and cavities can make teeth more sensitive and should be attended to prior to whitening.

One option for whitening is to purchase from Dr. Hanson an at-home whitening kit. An impression of your teeth will have to be made in order to create a specialized clear “tray”. You'll put the whitening agent in the tray and the then tray into your mouth for 3 to 4 hours for 1 or 2 weeks. Over that time, significant sparkle will appear.

The in-office procedure will afford more immediate results. This will take about an hour, and you will leave the office with a super sparkle and your teeth several shades lighter. The take-home kit can be used for touch-ups if desired.

If your teeth are severely stained, crowns or porcelain veneers might be the better way to go.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hanson today at  386.760.1200 , and get your sparkle back in time. Smile and the world smiles with you!