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5 Reasons to Smile More
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5 Reasons to Smile More

5 Reasons to Smile More

Taking care of your teeth is so important for reasons beyond your physical health – it does wonders for your overall mood as well! People are more likely to show off their smile when they feel confident in the health of their teeth and mouth. Smiling and laughing are sure to give you a big boost of self-confidence, as well as some other great physical and mental benefits. Continue reading for our five reasons why it is so great to smile!

Improve Your Mood and Increase Your Relaxation

When you are in a bad mood, smiling may be the last thing you feel like doing. However, studies show that the simple act of curling your lips to fake a smile is enough to trigger a happier feeling in your brain! Try it the next time you feel angry and see what happens. Yes, it might strike you as silly at first, but it could turn into a long-term coping strategy. Turn that smile into a laugh and feel the effects up to 45 minutes afterwards, which include muscle relaxation and stimulated circulation.

Become More Approachable

Smiling and laughing won’t just make your brain feel better, it will also show to other people that you are a good person to be around. By engaging and interacting with others, we will naturally feel happier, which is a cycle that feeds into itself. Smiles are contagious and seeing someone else do it will naturally bring out the same reaction in us. Thanks to our mirror neurons, we feel inclined to do the same behaviors that we see from others!

Feel More Productive

By smiling and laughing, your mood improves and you become better at focusing on the task at hand. While at work, you may not feel naturally inclined to express your happiness through smiles and laughter, but it will have a noticeable effect on your efficiency. Once you are done with that work, then you can indulge in time to focus on the things that make you truly happy! Again, this is a cycle that feeds into itself: smile more, work harder, be happier.

Physical Health Benefits

Smiles don’t just impact your mental health. Laughing works your abdominal muscles and releases endorphins that can alleviate pain and boost your immune system. Furthermore, studies show that smiling can decrease your risk for heart disease because it prevents the buildup of fat and cholesterol around your heart. “Laughter is the best medicine” is more than an old adage at this point – it’s a way of life.

It Makes You Feel Good

Putting all science and research aside, the best reason to smile is that it makes you feel good. Life is about doing the things that make us want to laugh, and it begins by moving forward with a smile on our faces. Regardless of the state of your teeth, everyone benefits from a happier life, so show off that smile!

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