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When is the Time Right to Ask Daytona Beach Dentists for Clear Braces?
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When is the Time Right to Ask Daytona Beach Dentists for Clear Braces?

When is the Time Right to Ask Daytona Beach Dentists for Clear Braces?

Perfectly aligned teeth can give you so much more than just a beautiful smile. A better bite, better oral hygiene, and lasting confidence are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by getting aligner treatment for your teeth.

Why do misaligned teeth require treatment?

Crooked teeth and having an improper bite can lead to several complications for your oral health over the years. From tooth damage, chipping, and even tooth loss, misaligned teeth can also cause difficulty in chewing and speaking clearly. If you often find yourself feeling conscious about your crooked teeth and are holding back from smiling in crowds, you should consider a treatment plan that can help you eliminate this problem.

Why ask for clear braces?

If you don’t want to deal with metal braces that are visible every time you open your mouth, but still are keen to find a way to fix your teeth, it’s time you speak to your dentist about the option of clear braces. Clear braces have the strength and reliability of metal braces but are a less obvious dental treatment option.

How can clear braces help you?

Clear braces, or invisible braces as they are sometimes called, work in a similar way to metal braces to straighten misaligned and crooked teeth. They are a series of plastic aligners which are created by using digital scans of your teeth. They apply gentle pressure to your teeth, which is what slowly and consistently moves them into an ideal position during the treatment process. Every week or two, you move to a new set of aligners created according to the ongoing repositioning of your teeth.

The benefits of aligning your teeth with clear braces

Although your treatment process may not be very noticeable by others, it can do wonders for you. Along with reducing the risk of cavities, having aligned teeth can also prevent gum diseases from occurring, make cleaning your teeth much more efficient and easier, and by improving your smile, it can boost your confidence too.

Because clear braces can easily blend in with your teeth and aren’t vey conspicuous, many adults would prefer to choose this option. They are less harsh on the gums and cheeks as compared to metal braces and if you don’t want to deal with too much discomfort, this is likely to be the best option for you.

With technology advancing so quickly, you don’t have to worry too much anymore about avoiding certain foods or drinks that can stain your aligners. As they are replaced so quickly, there is no danger of discoloration or staining on them.

If you think you’re ready to fix your teeth using a comparatively discreet method, the time is now right for you to speak to your Daytona Beach dentists about clear braces. At The Pampered Tooth, we customize a plan for each patient and use clear braces to give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

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