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4 Toothbrushing Habits to Avoid
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4 Toothbrushing Habits to Avoid

4 Toothbrushing Habits to Avoid

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. There are good ways and bad ways of brushing your teeth, however. Here are some brushing habits that Port Orange dentists want you to avoid to ensure you get the most benefits every time you pick up your toothbrush.

1. Not Brushing for the Right Length of Time 

Brushing your teeth is only effective if you brush for two minutes twice daily. Most people don’t get anywhere near that time. Not brushing for long enough can cause oral concerns like:

  • Bad breath
  • Gum-related health problems
  • Plaque buildup

Brushing for longer than two minutes is also detrimental. Over-brushing can increase tooth sensitivity because of a breakdown in your enamel. 

2. Brushing at the Wrong Angle

You should hold the brush at a 45° angle when you brush your teeth. You should also make short, circular strokes to ensure you get the most effective cleaning. 

3. Using a Hard-Bristled Brush

Hard-bristled brushes may seem like they give you a more thorough cleaning, but they can hurt your gums. If your gums get scratched or punctured, bacteria can get in and cause gum disease. Choose soft brushes and change the brush every three to four months. 

4. Not Cleaning Your Tongue

An integral part of brushing your teeth is cleaning your tongue. Doing so can help prevent bad breath and kill bacteria. You can choose a tongue cleaner or use your brush’s bristles. 

Turn to Port Orange Dentists for More Tips

Brushing your teeth is an effective habit that can protect you from various oral diseases. It is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth looking their best. You can learn more by contacting a dentist in Port Orange, FL. 

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