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5 Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard
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5 Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

5 Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

A lot happens in your mouth at night, which is why there are numerous reasons why people may wear a night guard. Bruxism is a condition in 10% of adults according to the American Sleep Association which causes involuntary teeth clenching or grinding. Bruxism can be painful and destructive to teeth, but fortunately a custom night guard made for you and equilibrated to your exact bite can help! Read on to discover the many benefits of wearing a night guard.

Prevents Tooth Damage

Using a night guard ensures that your top and bottom teeth have no contact while you sleep. The worst part is that you will never be aware of your own grinding while you sleep, though your partner may be able to hear it. The only control we can exercise over our grinding is utilizing a night guard. Grinding causes teeth to lose enamel, which leads to over-sensitive teeth. Even worse, grinding hard enough may lead to broken or chipped teeth! Using a night guard may be enough to save you extra trips to the dentist.

Reduces Jaw Tension

Another thing that we do without control in our sleep is clenching our jaw. Specifically, the joint that undergoes tension is the temporomandibular joint. Wearing a night guard will significantly reduce the stress that your jaw joints and muscles undergo while you sleep. A prescribed dental night guard is fitted specifically to your teeth so that it fits comfortably in your mouth.

Prevents Headaches

Have you been waking up with headaches? There is a myriad of reasons why that may be happening, though it could have to do with the clenching and grinding of your teeth while you sleep. This activity can cause muscle fatigues, jaw aches, earaches, and neck pains that will lead to headaches and toothaches. Night guards can be made to help align your teeth to reduce overbite or underbite and prevent associated jaw pain.

Provides Healthy Sleep Patterns

Grinding teeth and clenching jaws are bad sleep habits. Partaking in these habits most likely means that you are unknowingly doing it every night. In addition to relieving discomfort, night guards help create healthy sleep patterns. A custom-made night guard will fit into your mouth perfectly to align the jaw into a position that reduces stress. Your muscles will then be able to relax and as such, your body will sleep stress-free and lead to a better night’s rest!

Prevents Snoring

Just like grinding and clenching, snoring is something that you may do unknowingly in your sleep that can affect your partner. Clenching the jaw creates breathing problems and not breathing well during sleep leads to snoring. Wearing a custom night guard opens your airway to help you breathe better by allowing your lower jaw to move freely while you sleep. This prevents your tongue and lower jaw position from blocking your airway, which improves your breathing and decreases snoring. Fortunately, a customized night guard will accomplish this!

If you are interested in acquiring a custom-made night guard to assist with any overnight issues, schedule a consultation with us at The Pampered Tooth! We offer a wide variety of services to keep your smile looking its best, and we also keep patients feeling their best. Visit us today to stop cavities, avoid tooth loss, enjoy fresher breath, and fight against snoring and morning headaches!

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