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Get Your Answers to Teeth Staining FAQs from Your Dentist in Port Orange
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Get Your Answers to Teeth Staining FAQs from Your Dentist in Port Orange

Get Your Answers to Teeth Staining FAQs from Your Dentist in Port Orange

Teeth whitening services are a popular option for individuals seeking to improve the shine of their pearly whites. That’s why we offer it at The Pampered Tooth! But, even if you know how to get your teeth whitened, do you know what causes teeth staining?

It’s natural for teeth to stain over time. There are a lot of reasons why it might happen, and they are all answered with the same solution: teeth whitening! When it comes to preventing teeth staining, all you have to do is read through these FAQs!

What causes my teeth to stain?

Common culprits of stains can be found in many of the foods and drinks that you may consume on a regular basis. You can follow the general rule of thumb that anything bright or dark in color can stain your teeth over time. For example, bright food like berries, curries, and pasta sauces are the most likely to leave their mark. Similarly, drinks with bold colors like coffee, soft drinks, and red wine can take some of the sheen off your smile.

Are there multiple types of stains?

Most cases of teeth staining will look very similar to one another. However, a key distinction to make here is that not all stains are caused by the same thing. Extrinsic stains, otherwise known as the stains on the surface of your teeth, are the most common and can be vanquished with teeth whitening treatments. Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, occur when the dentin under your enamel becomes stained. These stains cannot usually be treated with teeth whitening.

Can all types of stains be whitened?

All types of stains can be treated, though they may require different treatments to remove. For example, as we said above, extrinsic stains can be cleaned by teeth whitening procedures that cleanse the surface of your dental enamel. Deeper stains or age-related stains may require alternative treatments, such as veneers.

When should I get my teeth whitened?

Are you ready to have your teeth whitened? We recommend waiting until after you have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist in Port Orange. This is because plaque and tartar buildup can inhibit teeth whitening treatments from penetrating through the enamel and yielding the best possible results. Be sure to schedule your teeth cleaning first before scheduling a whitening.

Teeth whitening is a very important procedure for many individuals. Getting the best possible results starts with having a fundamental understanding of what causes staining and how to overcome it. After you’ve read through these frequently asked questions, please give your leading Port Orange dentist team at The Pampered Tooth a call and we’ll restore the shine to your smile!

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